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About Craig Hubert

As a World and Five times British Hairdressing champion Craig Hubert has proven himself to be one of the leading men's hairdressers in the world.

He now uses his talents to create the most incredible hair systems and in Craig's opinion "there are many companies offering great systems, but to anyone currently wearing a system they will know too well that it's very much down to the cut and how the system blends and intergrates with your own hair and how natural and undetectable it is."

Craig Hubert has accomplished many respected achievements over the years and has represented Great Britain in European and World championships in Tokyo, Washington, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Utrecht, Antwerp, Rotterdam and many other major cities and currently trains the British Hairdressing Team.


CRAIG HUBERT HAIR REPLACEMENT are among the industry's premiere non-surgical hair replacement solutions for both men and women. Our hair systems are virtually undetectable and will give you not only a strong head  of hair but will help to restore you sense of well-being.  Find out more 





For clients considering and researching hair replacement for the first time (or subsequent times due to disappointing results or service) it can often be a daunting and stressful experience. There are so many companies talking about so many various products/systems and often with odd technical terms adding to the confusion.  Find out more 




I was amazed at the results, just stunned. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I have found an effective solution to a problem that caused me so much distress. I can honestly say getting a non surgical hair replacement is the best thing I have ever done!.  Find out more 





CRAIG HUBERT HAIR REPLACEMENT are happy to give you a free consultation with no obligation.  Fill in our contact form and Craig himself will get back to you.  Find out more 

Conners Story

I was unfortunate to suffer from hair loss at a very young age; I noticed that my hairline was receding at sixteen years old. By eighteen, the whole top of my head was thinning so much it was noticeable and I started getting comments from a few people. Those comments stick with you and shake your confidence extremely quickly. I would describe hair loss, no matter what age; A Private Hell. 

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