Connors Story

I was unfortunate to suffer from hair loss at a very young age; I noticed that my hairline was receding at sixteen years old. By eighteen, the whole top of my head was thinning so much it was noticeable and I started getting comments from a few people. Those comments stick with you and shake your confidence extremely quickly. I would describe hair loss, no matter what age; A Private Hell.
It is private because you feel embarrassed to speak to others about it and you don’t want to draw people’s attention to it, and it’s a hell knowing that it is only going to get worse with time.
I had looked into many different hair loss solutions but it seemed every option was ridiculously expensive, and\or not an effective solution. It’s difficult to determine what company and possible solution is the real deal, or if it’s just another company taking advantage of a person in need, willing to spend whatever it takes to fix the problem and ripping them off. The other factor that gave me less hope of a solution to my hair loss nightmare was all the bald men in the world. I thought to myself, if there was a miraculous cure or preventative then there wouldn’t be so many balding people in the world. The thing that really frustrated me was the potential experiences hair loss may hold me back from achieving due to it shaking the belief in myself and perhaps how others would perceive me. Now I’m not a very vein person, I believe it’s important to have more than looks, however it’s nice to feel comfortable with how you look so you can be your best self.
I happened to come across Craig Hubert Hair Replacement completely by chance four years ago when I was walking to university in Chelmsford and saw an advertisement outside the salon. I took the number quickly and decided I had nothing to lose and gave them a ring. I spoke to Craig and he was genuinely sympathetic to my problem and invited me in for a consultation. Here he described in detail how the non-surgical hair replacements work and the different types he had to offer me. I was shocked to see how many different factors of the non-surgical hair replacement I could choose from. Essentially, it’s a bespoke hair system to meet everyone and anyone’s needs. For example, you can choose any size system depending on how much hair you have lost. You can choose your hair colour where they will match exactly the hair of the system to your natural hair for a completely natural colour blend. You can also choose the level of curl or straightness, the density, type and length of the hair.
The more Craig explained the way that they work, the more optimistic I felt about potentially fixing this nightmare once and for all. He had nothing to hide; he answered all my questions honestly and gave me no false promises about what would happen. This is a problem a lot of other companies tend to do such as exaggerating the truth into making you believe you will grow your own natural hair back. I carried out some research into non surgical hair replacements and found that other companies where charging heaps more. Because of all these reasons I decided to give it a go and not even for a moment looked back.
The hair system was ordered with all my desired requirements and it took around six to eight weeks to arrive. I came into the salon and Craig started by shaving my head where the system will sit so that it lays as tightly and flat to the scalp as possible. The hair system is then taped up with the tapes you desire depending on the strength you wish and then laid tightly on you head. Craig then cut in the system blending the system hair and my natural hair into the style I chose.
I was amazed at the results, just stunned. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I have found an effective solution to a problem that caused me so much distress. I can honestly say getting a non-surgical hair replacement is the best thing I have ever done!