Craig Hubert Approach

For clients considering and researching hair replacement for the first time (or subsequent times due to disappointing results or service) it can often be a daunting and stressful experience. There are so many companies talking about so many various products/systems and often with odd technical terms adding to the confusion.
Craig Hubert his highly regarded in the hairdressing industry with over 100 awards and is proud of the reputation achieved over the 25 years of his career (15 years in hair replacement). Wishing to continually build on this Craig is meticulous in providing the service clients deserve . He works in a relaxed, no sales pressure manner, merely showing and advising the best product to suit the client’s needs.


What to expect at the free consultation

Firstly Craig, James or one of the experienced team will sit down and discuss your hair loss /hair replacement problem . This could be a client who has just started thinning with a view to having hair replacement in the future to a client needing a system straight away or more often an existing hair replacement wearer looking to move from their current hair replacement centre due to poor service, high cost or both
Once the initial consultation is concluded one of the team will take the client through the products Uber Hair Solutions offer . This will include explaining the different pros and cons of base materials and hair types available and explaining there pros and cons dependant on lifestyle and costs, what to expect from the hair replacement system (how long will it last etc) and how will it be fitted and integrate with the clients own hair . Following from this advice will be given to best solve the client’s problem .There will be many variants these will include
– How much hair to replace? (Full head of hair or step by step).
– What style? With a full head of hair the choice is endless
– Choosing the best base and hair to suit the client’s needs and lifestyle (i.e. if a client plays lots of sport a breathable base will be advised)
At this stage the client is given as much time needed to discuss any more questions he or she may have. Some clients decide to go ahead with the hair replacement straight away others need time to consider (if in doubt its best to take time out to think though all the advice given …its a lot to take ) .



For those clients who do proceed straight away (about 60 %of new and 90 % of existing wearers) a template to the scalp is taken to create a base. On this template we replicate the growth pattern to integrate with the clients existing hair. A sample of hair is taken so that a perfect colour match is made between the clients system and his or her own hair. The density (thickness) and curl is chosen. Often with first time wearers a low density is decided upon so the hair is replaced gradually to avoid attention being drawn. The base is chosen to which the new hair is attached and, the hair style is discussed so the correct length of hair can be ordered .



The system takes 5-8 weeks to be hand produced and once completed is ready to be fitted and integrated the clients own hair ‘THIS TOGETHER WITH THE QUALITY OF THE SYSTEM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART’
Craig uses his unique techniques to taper and blend the hair into the clients existing hair making the system look and feel incredibly natural. Craig gets immense job satisfaction seeing very happy clients gaining more confidence with great looking hair .