Justins Story

Besides the annoying genetically fortunate amongst us, male  hair loss is all too often, at best, painful. 

Option 1: shave it off
Option 2: do a Trump (not an option at all!) Option 3: Follicular Unit
Extraction (not cheap!) Option 4: Visit Craig Hubert

In this case, I’ve intentionally left the best, sanest and wisest option till last (press Option 4 now!)

I’ve been seeing Craig Hubert for the last five years and not only is he simply one of the warmest, most empathetic humans you’ll ever meet, he’s a true gentleman and puts you at ease instantly. 

Now onto Craig’s particular skill set. For those of you familiar with the Star Wars franchise, you’ve doubtless heard of Master Yoda. 

That’s right – Craig possesses an innate ability that can only be described
as "Jedi like"… 
but, there’s no Jedi mind trickery going on here. 

Let’s put it this way, when my personal clients – several of them professional hairdressers, absolutely cannot spot my hair system and recoil in shock when I tell them, you know Craig is the ONLY choice. 

Furthermore, after nearly a year into my five year relationship with my partner, I decided to "fess up".. She hadn’t noticed. 
Enough said. 

Craig’s exclusive new salon in Chelmsford, Essex is simply breathtaking.  You truly feel like you’re stepping into an invitation only, very private men’s club (and NOT the seedy kind either!)

Soft tones, lighting and colours, wood panelled walls, bespoke furniture, tasteful oil paintings and beautiful antiquities adorn his new premises… Coupled with very kind and discreet staff, it’s an experience one is reluctant to walk away from. 

Indeed, if I was so inclined, I’d don my quilted smokers jacket for each visit and stay a while longer!

I simply cannot recommend Craig’s services highly enough.  It’s life changing, confidence restoring and problem solving at its finest. 

And, it’s affordable. 

This is not some "cookie cutter – one size fits all" standard testimonial. 

I met Craig at a point in my life, when (due to some very serious medical challenges), I was quite simply, fighting for it. 

So, I’ve made this piece humorous (hopefully?!), but also, there’s a very sincere, heartfelt message here.

Wherever you’re at in your life, hair loss isn’t a walk in the park. It’s not a breeze and it does affect many and most of us. 

Craig is more than simply a solution. He’s a saviour and I’m honoured to now call him my friend too.